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The year is 2050 and the Ratman and Blobin had taken on a new guise. With crime so low they’d had plenty of time to work out in both the gym and the sewing room. But peace was still not a given and if there was one thing a superhero disliked, it was baddies showering in public places, so when Batman and Robin heard that redheaded slut Scatwoman was washing her tranny cock in the local fountain, they jumped in the Ratmobile and headed out to investigate. Just as they suspected, the horny nympho devil was cleaning her hard ladyboy cock and douching out her tight tranny butt hole in full view of everyone, without a care in the world. As the two fearless superheroes got closer, ready to take her away, they realised how huge her dick had grown and proceeded to approach with some caution. As they got closer Scatwoman sensed their fear and pointed her massive meat towards them, ready to negotiate for her freedom. Pointing a large cock at two bisexual guys will only lead to one thing, and so the crazy orgy began. This was a sex party the likes of Goddamn City had never witnessed, with lots of forced throat fucking, tight ass fingering and deep penetration, the two cock hungry crime fighters were letting out all their sexual frustration and releasing hidden homosexuality on their new tranny fuckpuppet. Scatwoman had never taken so much cock, at first she was gagging on both cock heads in order to get out of trouble, but soon enough the deal was forgotten about and she was just choking on their super-big dicks for the thrill of it, desperate to get fucked and spunked over. Needless to say a fucking fun time was had by all, and after receiving a mammoth creamy cum facial, Scatwoman was set free, but not before exchanging phone numbers.

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Mia Isabella is known for her cock, her banging looks and her trademark giggle while she fucks. She reaches out beyond herself today and tops Ashli with a crop, rope and commands. This is Mia as you have never seen her before. She unloads on Ashli until Ashli’s only option is to cum over and over again.

New designers in the fashion world are always trying to strike out, be trend setters not followers and to find that niche that makes them famous. Mia and Ashli are modeling the cutting edge designs from a very eccentric up and coming designer. The show is hectic and getting undressed between walks is chaotic for the stylists and the models. In mere glimpses, Mia and Ashli flirt across the cat walk. Their chemistry is like tiny fireworks between the swishes of their latex dresses. Once the show is over, Mia goes to work on getting Ashil out of her designer clothes and on to her cock. It’s a charged up night of fucking right on the stage.

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Big Barda was feeling adventurous and was in the mood for some naughty fun with her loving husband, Mister Miracle. Barda had always towered over her husband in the height department at least, she was a big Amazonian woman, with large firm thighs and breast, many men were too intimidated to even talk to her, but in the bedroom she had always been very submissive. But Barda had a new idea, she was going to put Mister Miracles world renown escape artists skills to the test. She tied his arms behind his back and dropped her panties, waving her big thcik shemale cock in front of his face, teasing him. Mister Miracle looked up at her huge tool and immediately took into into his mouth and began sucking as deep and desperately as he could. Barda could not believe how deep he could take her cock in his mouth with his hands tied, and the feeling was sending shivers of pleasure down her spine! After her cock was lubed up with his spit she bent Mister Miracle over; he was still trying to work his body free of his restraints but so far without luck! He then let out a yelp as Barda thrust her monster cock into his tight asshole and began fucking him. Mister Miracle yelled out in a mix of pleasure and pain; he loved the feel of Barda’s massive meat sliding in and out of his ass. Barda then lay on her back to let Mister Miracle ride her cock, and although he was still trying to escape he couldn’t help but bounce up and down on her dick until he finally came all over his wife’s big tits. Barda then put her husband back on his knees and placed the tip of her cock in his mouth, jerking off until she came all over his mouth. Barda looked down at her husband and saw that he had broken free and was smiling. She knew that he could have escaped at anytime but he wanted to make his wife happy. and began fucking him. Mister Miracle yelled out in pleasure as his loving wife Barda fucked him. Barda then lay on her back and as Mister Miracle rode her cock he was still trying to escape his restrances but could not. He rode her cock hard intill he came all over his wifes big tits. Barda then put her husband back on his knees she put the tip of her cock in his mouth and began to jerk off till she came all in his mouth.Barda looked down at her husband and saw that he had broken free and was smiling looking up at her. She knew that he could of escaped at anytime but he wanted to make his wife happy. Barda pick up her husband and gave him a big and loving Kiss. (Based of the Dc comic characters)

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Fiona Cooper


Hiya! Back on track with updates, and thought I would share with you some sample pictures from the shoot with Fiona Cooper, you can get the catalogue and my DVD’s at, be sure to check it out!! You get to see me as the girl next door in a range of outfits/lingerie.

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