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Yasmin and Will meet in a bar. They both had the same needs before heading off to their families for a night of family fighting, too much turkey and of course, the endless guilt trip about being single during the Holidays. They both wanted that one cocktail that takes the edge off and keeps your sister from saying you drink too much.

Soon though their quick drink and a little commiserating leads to both of them returning to Will’s hotel room for a little pre-dinner fucking.

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Yasmin fucks will relentlessly with her big dick. Her cock is so big it gapes his ass and makes him grunt. When he cums, she makes him squirt all over himself, and when Yasmin cums, it’s right in to Will’s gaping ass. Sensationally hot fucking, great blow jobs and everything you need to make your pre-dinner wank a happy little secret that keeps you smiling throughout your own thanksgiving dinner!

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Road Rage

It all started out as an innocent freeway quarrel over who had the right of way, but that was until things got a bit heated and the dumb blonde bitch cut me up and almost hit my ride! Now I’m not pussy, I’m one mean bitch when someone messes with my car, so I ran out of my vehicle and pulled the short skirted bimbo out of her Porche and slammed her against her polished hood. But instead of being intimidated she was turned on, and I have to admit I was too. She had noticed the bulge forming in my panties and soon enough my shemale cock was being unzipped and released from my pants. But my raging boner wasn’t left hanging alone long as the skimpy dressed slut had her own tranny cock out in the open, wanking it hard with her hand, before dropping to her knees and strapping her pouting lips around my swollen penis head. After fucking her face in the middle of the open road, knowing anyone could pass and see at any minute, I knew it was time to stop.. And so I lifted her from her knees, forcing her off my dick, and bent her back over her car bonnet, sliding my huge erection deep into her tight ass! She was screaming in pleasure with every thrust and I was sure we would soon have a crowd, but that didn’t stop us fucking each other like crazy, bouncing on each other’s hung cocks and swapping massive amounts of horny, juicy ladyboy spunk.

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First day of the road trip to LA. Jesse and Jessica find a hot guy at a truck stop. Devin is stuck there with a broken down vehicle. Jesse and Jessica have been driving for hours and are looking for a little action. They seductively invite Devin along for a ride and he eagerly accepts. After a bit of fun in there RV they all decide to head to their hotel to get a little more frisky..

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen sat in her frosty snow tower, sipping the last drops of her ice drink for power, looking down on young Harold, so ripped and so sweet, she summoned the young virgin to appear at her feet., Harold was confused; he didn’t understand what had happened or where he was. On minute he was dressing after taking a shower, the next moment he stood in a large ice cavern, standing in front of a tall, slim, ice cold queen, who despite her frosty cold looks, spoke warmly to Harold, “take this drink and you shall feel warm inside, protecting you from the ice around you.” She handed Harold a tall glass of liquid and he drank it all. Just as the Ice Queen had said, the liquid filled Harold with warmth, but as his temperature rose so did his horniness and the young virgin began to look at the experienced queen with increasing lust. Without saying a word, Harold began to strip off his clothes until he was laid out in front of the approving Ice Queen with a huge twitching erection. The Queen stood down from her throw and took Harold’s large warm cock in her mouth and began to suck and gag furiously, like a sex starved pervert. When the Ice Queen released her large icy breasts and began to tit fuck Harold, he was struggling to hold back from cumming but just as he was about to lose all control and shoot a warm bolt of jism, the Ice Queen stood back and opened her robe fully, displaying a large icy dick even larger than Harold’s. Though he had never had any desire to eat cock before, one look at the huge ladyboy erection and he was on his knees, gobbling up the shemale cock and eating out her smooth icy ass. The Ice Queen soon had young Harold on all fours, fucking him hard and deep, doggy style, waiting for the moment he was ready to cum so she could collect his young virgin sperm in her ice cup and drink every drop of his warm, innocent man fliud.

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So many truthful cliches for this update – Simone Sonay plays the Mother of the Bride who seduces her daughter’s lover – Ts sensation, Venus Lux.
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I had so much work to do before my final tomorrow, and so I made my way down to the library. The library was empty, except for a few sexy whispering librarians. But I couldn’t even add them to my spank bank because I was so busy. Apparently that didn’t stop them from adding me to their list of conquests at the library though! They both laid me out on the table, and the mature hotties stripped me down and whipped out my dick to suck on it. Their lips were so perfect that I almost came quickly from both of them sucking me, but they wanted to get off too. That’s when I found out that these MILFs were actually trannies! Their dicks were as big as mine, and now that they sucked me, it was my turn to suck them. I was shocked, but quite turned on by their beauty, so not only did I suck them, but I opened my ass for their dicks and fucked them too! Don’t blame me for anything though; it worked perfectly to help me relax for my test, and their cum might have been the catalyst for me getting my A.

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Intimate Duo


Me and kinky Georgie are back getting intimate, this time getting comfy inbetween each others legs on satin sheets. Dressed with the burlesque inspiration in mind we get VERY close, I even mark Georgie with my very own lips on the inside of her smooth legs… it’s getting hot in here!

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