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Parker is the All American football team stud – he sweetly convinces the head of the dance squad to sneak into the showers with him after the game. The two are so hot for each other there is barely time to get their clothes off before the shower is running.
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As for the plot: A handsome young man meets a stunning young woman at a nightclub. She’s gorgeous, has amazing breasts, and long blonde hair. She’s wearing a tight black latex dress, with matching long black latex gloves and black latex thigh-high boots, making her look extremely sexy. They go back to her apartment, where they start to fool around. Suddently, she handcuffs him to the headboard of the bed, before pulling out a strapon complete with straps, and a hard black plastic penis and fake balls, showing it to him. He’s wary, but aggrees to let her use it on him. She then moves out of sight, behind a nearby changing screen, where he can’t see her. She throws away the strapon, and pulls out her large, erect cock. She removes her latex dress, but keeps her boots and gloves on. She then takes what looks like another strapon, but this one has a hollow piece of shiny black material instead of the hard plastic penis of the first one. She pulls the material on, over her cock and balls, and ties the straps of the strapon around her hips. She now looks like a woman wearing a strapon, instead of a shemale. She has a devious expression on her face. She goes back to her trapped lover, and proceeds to fuck him in every position she can think of. The whole time, he has no idea that’s she’s a shemale, and thinks she’s a normal woman using a strapon. That is, until the final panel, where she cums violently over him, leaving him with a shocked and terrified expression as he realizes the truth.

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The cake jokes are not good enough for this – who doesn’t want to eat cake off Mia Isabella’s tits and ass? It’s her birthday and we are celebrating with Ty bound to a bed, in a dungeon, with a cake on a serving tray that is attached to his ass and a glass of champagne that is attached to a gag in his mouth. He is the human party platter and Mia is ready to take it all from her man who usually, almost exclusively the top in their relationship. Not today.

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