Primary Evolution: The Quest for Human

From murky waters and bubbling test tubes, humanity is reborn – this time with some evolutionary changes that can only be described as – Lethally sexy.
Synapse played by Danni Daniels, is the striking mastermind who from her own sweat, creates the coquettish Retina (Gia DiMarco).
The women seem human – perfectly cloned, seamless DNA replicates. Their evolutionary enhancements have made them full throttle fucking divas who hunt men.
Together, Synapse and Retina seduce and destroy their prey, on a quest to find a man who can fuck as hard and long as they do. Will humanity meet the challenge?

Jessica abuses her authority to blackmail Bella. Bella doesn’t want to lose her job so she’s going to have to have sex with her hot boss who has a hidden cock just waiting to be let loose from her ever tightening panties. Things could be worse….

After a humiliating strip tease, Bella is made to rub her clit while Jessica pumps her finger into her pussy. Bella’s embarrassment of being naked in her boss’s office is slowly melting away as her pussy gets wet with Jessica touching her.

Jessica unleashes her cock and Bella knows just what to do, she doesn’t skip a beat, she just sucks her cock down her throat and does her best to please Jessica.
In a rare switch scene, Jessica makes Bella fuck her and the two trade off, taking turns filling each other’s holes. The scene ends with Bella’s face covered in Jessica’s cum!


Liberty Barebacked

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These are no ordinary women, these two are the creation of science. Perfectly cloned to seduce and capture men both with their irresistible sexiness and their alien dominance.
Kyle (played by Noah Brooks) thinks he is on an ordinary date – the kind that end the predicable way – with his dick buried deep in some hot girl’s pussy. Retina (Gia DiMarco) entertains Kyle’s ego and fantasy, knowing full well that there is cock in his future…
Back in the lab, Synapse (Danni Daniels) and Retina make short work of their captured man – fucking him, milking him and making him take cock in his ass.

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Hung black Brazilian shemale Isabel Sottani is in action today unleashing her big black cock on a guy. Watch as this mega cock black tranny crams her cock deep down his throat and tests the limits of his tight ass. This guy won’t be sitting down for at least a week!

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The action got wild when we brought Renata and Adriana together for some fucking. These two big cock trannies went at each other like animals on heat and you’re going to see some wild action here. Come on in if you dare and let these two babes take your fantasies to a whole new level.

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French Knickers

Don’t I look all pure and innocent in white… OK, enough of all that I know your really wanting to see my cock popping out of my french knickers and to see my lips ready and willing to take your cock so c’mon guys trousers down!

Samurai Showdown

I am the most skilled samurai in the land, the hole village is in awe of me and no one can match my skill. My legend has spread far and wide and occasionally challengers come hoping to defeat me and leave with honour and pride, but they only ever leave dead or defeated. You could call me arrogant but I am the best.. Well at least that is what everyone told me and what I believed until one day.. A sexy warrior entered the village and dared to stand up to me. Everyone thought it was a joke, or at least no one could take her too seriously as she looked so hot. I’m not as naive as the other villagers and I wasn’t going to let her skimpy outfit and soft lady curves distract me, and there was no way her huge bouncing bosom was going to hypnotise me, I was always alert and ready to battle and win! But as she reached for her crotch I withdrew my sword expecting her to do the same, instead she had drawn her huge hard cock. I was finally stunned and confused by my instincts; instead of holding my blade out my cock was thrusting forward, trying to burst out of my pants at the site of this exotic erotic kinky creature. Before I could think she had me on my knees sucking on her massive weapon and the crowd cheered her on. The villagers must have been bored with my continual victories and they cheered for her to fuck me, which she did! Her hard cock was plunged deep into my ass. She stretched my hole out and I was force to ride her cock till I came then with the crowd still cheering as she came on my face. Now she is the shogun and pride of the village and I’m her ass slave. And I’ve never been happier..

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The Dean’s List


The young blonde knocks on the dean’s door with a nervous hand. She’s been called down to the office for the first time in her career at the school and she doesn’t know what the dean wants. When the door opens she sees the beautiful redhead that runs the school standing on the other side of the desk looking even more alluring than usual. The dean is in no mood to mess around and she takes off her skirt and reveals a big shemale cock immediately. The blonde must suck her dick and submit to a hardcore fuck or be kicked out of school. It will come as no surprise that she gets to sucking right away. It’s a very good school and more than anything she wants to keep her scholarship. The dean gets an amazing blowjob from the beautiful blonde creature and then she bends her over and nails her from behind. It’s a wet pussy that her long shemale cock fucks hard and it makes her feel like a bossy babe. She likes pounding hot hole and she likes hearing the girl moan and groan so loudly. When she’s done she cums all over the slut’s hot little face.

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