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Exclusive Five Star Hotels handle all security matters themselves. The cops do not come to these hotels, celebrities and body guards do. So when a potential media disaster occurs, the VP of Relations – Mia Isabella – is sent handle the issue. Tyler is the number 30 seed in the world of tennis. He met Sandra at a celebrity cocktail mixer. The two flirted and after four martini’s, shared deep, kinky secrets that gave Tyler jerk off material and a stupid plan for the following day where he sneaks past the security guard and into Sandra’s room. Now he’s hand cuffed to the brass bed and the evidence of his “foot fetish” in hotel custody. Mia responses quickly – she sends Sandra on an all expense paid spa trip courtesy the hotel to ensure she doesn’t return to her room. With the door to the presidential suite locked behind her, her cock tucked neatly in her panties and her plan to fuck Tyler into submission tucked neatly into her determined mind, Mia is sets out to clean the mess up her way.

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There comes a time in every break-up where you just have to move on. But sometimes moving on means one last fuck. Venus lays down the law and then lays down the pipe on her ex-boyfriend’s ass in steamy revenge fuck that is full of kissing, hardcore ass pounding, and blowing.
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From murky waters and bubbling test tubes, humanity is reborn – this time with some evolutionary changes that can only be described as – Lethally sexy.
Synapse played by Danni Daniels, is the striking mastermind who from her own sweat, creates the coquettish Retina (Gia DiMarco).
The women seem human – perfectly cloned, seamless DNA replicates. Their evolutionary enhancements have made them full throttle fucking divas who hunt men.
Together, Synapse and Retina seduce and destroy their prey, on a quest to find a man who can fuck as hard and long as they do. Will humanity meet the challenge?

Jessica abuses her authority to blackmail Bella. Bella doesn’t want to lose her job so she’s going to have to have sex with her hot boss who has a hidden cock just waiting to be let loose from her ever tightening panties. Things could be worse….

After a humiliating strip tease, Bella is made to rub her clit while Jessica pumps her finger into her pussy. Bella’s embarrassment of being naked in her boss’s office is slowly melting away as her pussy gets wet with Jessica touching her.

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These are no ordinary women, these two are the creation of science. Perfectly cloned to seduce and capture men both with their irresistible sexiness and their alien dominance.
Kyle (played by Noah Brooks) thinks he is on an ordinary date – the kind that end the predicable way – with his dick buried deep in some hot girl’s pussy. Retina (Gia DiMarco) entertains Kyle’s ego and fantasy, knowing full well that there is cock in his future…
Back in the lab, Synapse (Danni Daniels) and Retina make short work of their captured man – fucking him, milking him and making him take cock in his ass.

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