The Housesitter

Alexis is going away on business and asks Christine to housesit. Stuck in the house and missing a wild party at the Irish Pub, Christine wants to have fun but can’t leave. Knowing Alexis is one horny and kinky lady, there must be something around the house to play with. Watch Christine have fun all by herself after finding Alexis pantyhose and toy drawer!

Body Guard Porn: TS Aubrey Kate & Her Man

Aubrey is the daughter of a high profile American Politician. She has guards with her at all and this kind of isolation has made her close with one particular bodyman. They have been sneaking around, fiddling with each other every night and she has lets him cum inside her every time. Tonight, though, she is going to change the roles. Aubrey is going to make her man, her slave.
She slips out of her professional politician daughter wear into sleek black lingerie and orders him in to her room.
He is hard just walking into the room and when he exposes himself to her, Aubrey makes him jerk off while she touches her own cock. He cums in a thick load all over her stockings and she makes him lick it up.

After sucking her cock, he is hard again fast and but Aubrey doesn’t want his cock, she wants him to take hers and take it will.

The fucking is intense and full of painful moans mixed with pleasure until she is ready to cum in his mouth. But the night is not over – Aubrey makes her man jack his cock one more time until he explodes all over her ass and licks her clean.

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Fun at the Fairground Pt 2

Jose, the young Spanish fairground worker, couldn’t tear his thoughts away from the sexy shemale who had come to visit the gypsy to get her fortune told. When he began to hear her screaming he immediately rushed to see if she was OK, only to find her naked and being hard fucked by the tranny gypsy he worked for. Rather than leave them to their privacy Jose couldn’t do anything but stare at the two horny shemales fucking each other’s brains out, wishing it was him being screwed in the ass by the beautiful cock carrying babes, or him pounding balls deep in smooth ladyboy ass. All of a sudden the young shemale spotted Jose and he immediately ran out of the room. Within seconds the horny young tranny was out chasing him, screaming at him to stop and wait for her. Jose was sure she was going to kick his ass for spying on her, but when she finally caught up with him she immediately locked her lips on his mouth, giving him the horniest French kiss he’d ever experienced. Before Jose could recover from the impact of the kiss the young shemale was on her knees, putting those same tongue-tastic skills to work on his dick. Soon enough, Jose was span around, his pants torn down, and she began to eat out his tight ass, before parting his butt cheeks and sliding her stiff ladyboy cock deep inside him.. As Jose was bent over the stall getting stuffed with tranny dick he saw the gypsy walking towards him, lifted her skirt as she got closer, and then jamming her fat dick between his lips. Jose was being spit roasted by two of the hottest shemales he could imagine, he was in heaven hoping it would never end. The horny threesome fucked and sucked all over the fairground in just about every position they could imagine..

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Audit Her Cock: Seducing the IRS

Kendra is asked to sit with the State auditor for a quarterly tax review and she can not help but fuck with the seemingly update bureaucrat. The scene being filmed next door is no coincidence and Amber has to listen to people fucking while looking right into Kendra’s seducing eyes. It’s takes little time for Kendra to get the auditor worked up and spilling her deepest fantasies.
Kendra pulls Amber up on to the table and starts eating her pussy before Amber even has a second to realize what is happening. Her conservative skirt comes off and Kendra is in control.

When it comes time for Kendra’s panties to come down, Amber gets a nice surprise as Kendra’s hard cock nearly hits her in the face. Now the day is going to be entirely different – Amber gives over her pussy and ass to Kendra who fucks her balls deep and ram rod hard until they both cum.


Brunette shemale Marry Salles

Today we’re presenting the sensational tgirl babe Marry Salles. Watch as this beautiful shemale from Brazil slowly strips and plays with her cock until it unleashes a messy load. This tgirl is simply stunning and once you view this scene, I am sure you will agree with me!


Tyra Scott is known as the Madam of the AM airways, dolling out sex positive advise to her loyal following. She’s like Dr. Ruth only better. Alex is long time fan and regular on her show. The two have a special bond even though they have never met.
Tonight they take their usual phone sex call all the way and agree to meet. Alex is finally going to learn he wasn’t the only one stroking a cock during their heavy phone sex calls.
The chemistry is electric and Alex’s cock is stiff with excitement from the minute he meets Tyra. The two kiss and grope on his bed until he finds her cock. It’s dead silent. Tyra, being the top she is, just flips Alex over and makes him take her cock into his mouth.

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Clark’s Wonderful Surprise


Clark Kent had just returned home from fighting Darkseid on Apokolips as Superman. When he arrived he got the best surprise of his life! There was his wife the sexy Lois Lane waiting for him and she brought a friend the stunning Amazon Wonder Woman. Clark was blown away at this surprise and when Wonder Woman removed her panties and both Lois and Clark saw her tranny cock. The husband and wife team quickly went to work pleasing Wonder Womans cock. They shared it each taking a turn sucking her cock. Wonder Woman wanted to suck some cock so she ripped off Supermans pants and sucked his huge cock. Lois’s pussy was dripping wet and wanted to get fucked Wonder Woman and Clark sucked fucking both of her hole one in her pussy and one in her ass. Lois was in heaven as the two super cocks fucked her. Now Wonder Woman needed to have a cock in her ass and Clark was happy to fuck her perfect tranny ass. Clark knew that it was his turn to be fucked and he was excited as Wonder Woman easied her cock into his all he loved it when she pounded his ass as Lois sucked his cock. Wonder Woman could not hold it anylonger and she came deep in Clarks super ass. Lois then smiled and started licking all the cum out of her husbands ass as Wonder Woman suck him. Clark could feel it was building and he gave both girls a facial of his super seman. After then lovely threesome Clark lay there with his wife Lois and his team mate Wonder Woman snuggled up to him.

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Priscila Gold barebacking again


By popular demand, we have brought big cock tranny babe Priscila Gold back again for more raw bareback fucking. Watch as this shemale nympho feeds this guy her big cock and pounds his ass with it relentlessly until they both are spewing loads of cum all over each other.

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Mad Women: Never Piss off The Secretary

Mike uses arrogance to cover his lack of experience. This has worked for him his whole life. Until today.
Eva entertains his sexiest bullying. She politely listens, takes stalk of his little comments and demands, seduces him into believing that the “boss” he will be interviewing with will be late today. That Mr. Jones is never on time….
Eva poses herself for attack once Mikes cock is hard and wet from her lips.

Busty Blonde In Blue Dress

shemaletugjobsOh wow, Adryella looks so find in her little blue dress. This busty blonde shemale has a sizzling body, big boobies, a perfectly shaped ass and a big juicy shecock hidden under her shiny thong. She certainly knows how to use her body to turn you on and she bares every sweet inch of herself in this gallery. She wraps a slender hand around her hard girl meat and pumps it deep until she is shooting her creamy cum load letting it spew across her tight stomach.

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