Connect Foreplay

I should have known something was up when the girl at the bar agreed to play me at connect 4, it’s sad enough that I had the travel game on me, but even sadder that I tried to use it as a way to pick up this hot chick I’d just met. I’m not the kind of guy who hits on girls in bars, basically because after years of rejection I’d learned not to waste my time, but this girl was so smoking hot I had to give it a shot, and moments later there we were playing connect 4 on the promise that if I won she would fuck me! I’ve never played with so much concentration, it was as if my life depended on it, and when I finally let go of that last piece to win the game it was barely seconds later and I was whisking her out of the bar back to my apartment.. I should have known again that something wasn’t right when she stopped me from groping her in the bar, despite talking with such a slutty mouth, but she was still good to her word and was all over my dick the minute we were back at my place. I was soon seeing the full picture as she slipped out of her panties and nearly took my eye out with her huge erect cock! ‘Oh, well’ I thought, ‘every hole is a goal’ was the saying we always had in college, and as long as it wasn’t my hole getting pounded I was more than happy to work my large cock into her tranny pussy. In fact I was soon addicted, I’d never fucked ass before and hearing her girly groans as I slid deeper and deeper into her tight tight ass, with her cock slapping against her stomach, I was finding it so hard not to shoot my load. And it wasn’t long before I finally did explode all over her perfectly smooth and round bubble butt!

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All the big guns are in San Francisco – Twitter, Google, FaceBook, Square, AirBnB and so on. The start up culture has once again stormed the city and every company is eager for the hot new talent to fill its ranks.
Company perks have gone far and beyond 401K matching and massage chairs. The competition to impress new hires is reaching a fever pitch.
Smooch Co. is currently in the lead with it’s wacky friday incentives like “dunk-the-boss” dunk tanks and celebrity book signings. This week, they have hired a professional Dominatrix to come in and teach the staff how to improve their sex lives. How progressive! How edgy!

Jaquelin is making money hand over crop doing the start-up company circuit but she truly has had enough of listening to cocky guys brag about their bedroom skills. She decides to take advantage of John – the newest hire at Smooch – and actually do a session with him. John thinks everyone has been spanked and that getting his cock was okay because Jaquelin said to do it.
By the time his co-worker finds him in the break room, John has been fucked in the ass by her cock (oh ya, she has a real cock), slapped, tied up, mouth fucked and came all over. Jaquelin doesn’t mind this dot com boom at all and she will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

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Angel at Heart

As the title suggests guys ‘Angel at heart’ the rest of me is just pure naughty, as you will see when I open my legs and bend over gagging for a big hard cock to fuck me, you will even see in the video I cum all over my Angel panties…

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Three sexy and hung tranny nymphos are in action today working over one lucky straight guy. Watch these three fabulous tgirls suck and fuck each other and all three gang up on this one willing guy. The hardcore is intense and the cocks are shooting cum all over the place!

Break enough rules and the devil comes for you. Marcus falls from grace right into the clutches of super horny, mega-hottie, Yasmin Lee. There is NO stopping Yasmin and she fucks like a wild beast. Right from the start, Yasmin has Marcus pinned and is nailing his ass.
She cums her trademark massive load all over his face and when the chains come to bind him to hell forever, he does little to resist. For if every night is like this night, hell doesn’t look so bad.

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Military Shemales Fucking

sheanimale1The beautiful military babes are waiting for the helicopter pilot to arrive and they’re getting bored. When girls this beautiful and sultry get bored they can’t help but get naked and fool around. They’re both teeming with desire and it has to find its way out somehow. You’d never guess it at first glance but these beautiful ladies are actually shemales with big, hard cocks beneath those skintight skirts. It’s the hormones in their balls that make them so horny and make it so hard to keep their skirts on. As the helicopter rests on the landing pad the ladies get naked and start fooling around hot and heavy. They’re sucking cock in no time and once you get a horny shemale hard she’s got to put it somewhere. These ladies shouldn’t be fraternizing as dedicated members of the military but they can’t help themselves. Those cocks have to go somewhere and that means it’s into a tight asshole. The fucking you witness is intense and the hot shemale sluts end up blowing big loads when the captain arrives. He gets a little jizz on his pants but now he knows that he has two gorgeous shemales at his disposal.

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Jessy and Lance have be dating for just over a month and things have been hot and heavy from the start. Lance spends nearly every night at Jessy’s fucking her and getting fucked. And on the nights he is not with her, they have phone sex. They just can’t get enough of each other. However, with every passing shag, Lance feels more and more guilty that he has not been totally honest with Jessy about his job. Lance is in porn and he feels like this is something Jessy should know but he’s afraid she will break up with him when she finds out.
Good or bad, he decides, she needs to know. He spills his guts and to his relief and surprise, Jessy finds his job totally hot. So hot, she insists Lance call up his scene partner for the following day and invite her over for a threesome.

No need to ask Lance twice, he gets Madison on the phone and she in their bed later that night.
Steamy three way sex with Jessy dominating and fucking her boyfriend and their play thing. Plenty of deep ass pounding, pussy fucking and cumming from an all night sex party that ends in a cum swapping kiss goodnight.

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Geography F, Pornography A

Starring: Andraia
Story:One cannot be a real talent in everything. Andraia, for instance, sucks in geography. She cannot tell which country is where. On the other hand, she exactly knows where are the tender spots on a body, awaiting for some gentle care and her nice, big tranny cock. So maybe she will fail in geography, but when it comes to sex, she will get an A+ without question.

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This new scene features the always intense tranny hottie Sayara Rodrigues and her big shemale cock. Watch her take control of this straight man, making him do anything she wants. She crams his mouth and ass full of her big cock and covers him with a big load of jizz.

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Beach Bully

Tammy and Tiny were just two innocent, playful teeny girls. They liked to spend time in the park, hanging out at the mall, or down by the beach, just regular girly stuff for a couple of sweet 16 shemales. But where ever they went they always seemed to bump into Jacob, the local bully. It was one afternoon, the girls were down on the beach, when they encountered boisterous Jacob once again. He came over, throwing around his weight, trying to upset the girls; he always got his kicks by spoil everyone else’s fun. But the girls had had enough; today it was their time to have some fun at his expense. Jacob was surprised when Tammy stood up to him, but even more surprised when Tiny over powered him and tackled him to the ground. Tammy then stepped in and straddled the bully so he couldn’t move, and then pulled out her hung cock and slid it into his mouth, forcing him to suck. Jacob may have been held down and force face fucked, but it didn’t stop his dick rising too attention! Tiny went down on all fours and began sucking off Jacob, getting him more and more excited, whilst he continued to swallow Tammy’s monster meat. The girls then took it in turns to pussy pound Jacobs’s tight ass and force feed him deep throat ladyboy cock. Once the girls had drained Jacobs balls of sperm, and gargled and cum swapped his still warm seamen, they left their new gimp a little present, cramming a large banana up sissy Jacobs hurting hole. He never bullied the girls again, although he often asked them to join him at the beach!

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